Where did the idea for Book Your Pet come from?

It all started with a face-off over a bit of cheese.

We were gathered with friends for our usual 'Thank God it's Friday' wine and cheese night. It was our Friday night ritual of drowning our work week in Cab Sauv while our two Yorkies circled below like small fluffy sharks. 

Unsurprisingly as we all watched them hunt for crumbs around the feet of our chairs, the conversation turned to our dogs. We regaled the group with the painful play-by-play of our recent attempts to try to get the little monsters in for grooming.

Our regular groomer wasn’t available and our terriers are turning into mini wooly mammoths. The search to find another groomer we felt we could trust had taken the better part of a week: Googling, reading reviews, trying to get ahold of people who didn’t call back… should we just go for the mobile groomer? Drive hours away? 

When we would finally find someone... then began the 100 emails back and forth, having to print, fill out, and scan forms... such a nightmare. 

How could this whole process be more stressful than our Silicon Valley day-jobs!?

It was in the middle of this rant that a light bulb went off. 

We stopped talking and looked at each other - I don't remember who said it first, but the spark of an idea was flickering in front of us. We topped up our glasses, started scribbling on napkins and bookyourpet.com was born [all be it a bit wine-stained and smelling of brie].

Simply put, what you'll find at Book Your Pet is the solution to all that booking nonsense. For you, and for the pet pros you rely on. Book Your Pet isn't just for grooming either, but also dog walkers, pet sitters, trainers and even pet photographers.

We've taken the pain out of the booking process, so you can get back to doing what you do best: 

trying to resist those puppy dog eyes begging for cheese, and probably failing.