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  • 1 User Included
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Category

Full Features


Unlimited Bookings


World-Class Support



  • 10 Users Included
  • 3 Locations
  • 2 Categories

Full Features


Unlimited Bookings


World-Class Support



  • 15 Users Included
  • 8 Locations
  • 3 Categories

Full Features


Unlimited Bookings


World-Class Support


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Complete Pet Business Software Solution

Book Now Button

Drop our ‘book now’ button into your website or use your beautiful Book Your Pet business profile as an alternative to an expensive website. Either way, instant booking can transform your business.
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Pet Parent App

Put the instant booking, appointment confirmation and service updates right in the palm of your clients’ hand. It’s never been easier to keep your customers happy and informed.

World-Class Support

We are deeply committed to providing the best customer support of any pet software out there. You’ll be able  to speak to a real person, and we empower our team to solve your problems on the spot.
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Print Ready

Going digital is great, but for some things you still really need paper. Luckliy, beautifully formatted print-ready schedules, appointments & other essentials are just one-click away inside Book Your pet.

Zoom Integration

Do you offer virtual services but find the whole thing involves way too many steps? Let our zoom integration make it simple. They buy, they book, the app confirms and sends you both the link.

Beautiful Reporting

There are enough tasks on your plate, gathering data should not be one of them. Let our software keep track of and visually display the metrics that matter so you can make informed decisions

Marketing Genius

From clever packages & promotions to easy upsells and beautiful design, the Book Your Pet platform is built to help you get and keep more clients. More on how we’re helping you grow >

Customized Services

One size does not fit all: Dog trainers you’ll love our cool setup for drop-ins. Groomers you’ll love our service builder with dog size and coat length. Dog walkers you’ll love our clever geolocation features.

Easy Money

Get your finances orgnized with custom invoicing and our cashflow dashboard. Accept payments with stripe and make tax time a breeze with xero and quickbooks integrations.

Automated Comms

You can finally stop worrying about remembering or sending those appointment reminders and awkward  invoicing emails – the sotware will do it for you! Just decide your preferences once and let the automations do their thing!

Buffers Built-in

With smart instant booking at the heart of Book Your Pet you’ll find a ton of thoughtful features that mean it just works without you having to ‘hack’ the system… for example built-in buffers you can toggle on to allow breathing room, travel time or you know – a chance to pee between appointments.

In-Person Overrides

If a customer calls you up or walks into the shop and needs to book it’s no problem. Inside Book Your Pet it’s super easy for you to make appointments for your clients over the phone or in-person. The business owner or approved team members can override many settings to make the system work your way.

Brilliant Extras you can Add-On

Additional Locations

Additional Users

SMS Messaging

Done-For-You Onboarding (Currently FREE but not for long)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your card processing rates?

Book Your Pet does not charge transaction fees or card processing rates. Stripe (our integrated payment processor) does charge per transaction, their fees can be found here. Make sure to select your currency when checking them out.

How quickly can I start to use Book Your Pet?

On average, we suggest allowing 30 days for data import, set up, testing, and training on our platform. However, this timeline could increase depending on the services, locations and categories offered.

Will I have help setting up the software?

Yes! We love nothing more than supporting petpreneurs and you can take advantage of our white glove service (currently FREE! but not for long). You will also have access to hints and tips delivered directly into your email.