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“I’ve been lucky enough to be speaking with the BYP team. I had the opportunity to give my feedback, air any concerns and ask lots of questions about how the whole system would work. The team were endlessly patient with me and always took the time to hear my suggestions and any concerns or questions I had. The feedback I gave was always met with enthusiasm and I really feel that my opinions were considered and woven into the platform. The team is so dedicated and I am so excited for BYP to help improve the lives of pet owners and pet businesses!”

 – Jess, Dog Trainer

Feel Organised

Syncs to Your Calendar

Choose from dozens of colors to assign to your training services so you can color-code your calendar. This makes it easier to see at a glance what you’ve coming up today, this week, and this month.


Sell Group Classes Your Way

Build your group classes any way you like – recurring over a set of weeks at a set time, or allowing people to drop-in whenever the class-type they’ve purchased is available.

Earn More

Upsells Built-In

Create upsells that your client will your client will see as an optional ‘add-on’ when completing a booking. Increase both your average sale and the lifetime value of each customer.


Easy Promotions & Packages

Mix and match your services at full-price or with a discount to reward loyal clients. Then let Book Your Pet count down sessions, keeping your pet parents informed and retained

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments can I have?

How many do you want? With Book Your Pet you can book as many appointments as you have the time for.

I have multiple locations, will Book Your Pet work for me?

Yes. You can do a training session at the park every Tuesday, and then another one every Friday at a training centre. Be as flexible as you need.

Can I make bookings repeat on a monthly or weekly basis?

Certainly. You can create class bookings that recur monthly or weekly and set them so customers can drop in to which suits them, or they have to attend them all as part of a series of appointments.

Can I put notes on the client record?

You can put as many notes as you feel are needed on the client record. This way you can keep track of how they are progressing and any factors you need to consider for the next training session.