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Feeling Organized

Color-Coded Calendar

Choose from dozens of colors to assign to your services so you can color-code your calendar. This makes it easier to see at a glance what you’ve coming up today, this week, and this month.

At home or from your facility

Operate your pet sitting and pet boarding business anywhere

Whether you offer home-based pet sitting services, a dog boarding facility, or offer care from the comfort of a pet’s own home, take bookings and run your business your way.

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Easy Promotions & Packages

Mix and match your services at full-price or with a discount to reward loyal clients. Then let Book Your Pet count down appointments, keeping your pet parents informed and retained.

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Pet Sitting & Boarding Not Your Only Gig?

Dog Training Business

Make operating your dog training business as simple as ‘sit’. With Book Your Pet you can sell group or 1:1 training packages.

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Dog Grooming Business

Offer more personalized flexible services at your dog grooming salon based on dog size, coat length, and coat type.

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Pet Photography Business

Automatically upsell add-ons to your pet photography packages at checkout and boost your revenue.

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Dog Walking Business

Create a customized experience for every furry client without any added fuss with our dog walking business tools.

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Pet Boarding & Sitting Business

Marketing flexible home-based or facility-based overnight pet care services as a pet boarding or sitting business.

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Doggy Daycare Business

Customizable checkouts and global capacity features make sure your dog daycare center is always fully booked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments can I have?

How many do you want? With Book Your Pet you can book as many appointments as you have the time for.

I have multiple locations, will Book Your Pet work for me?

Yes. You can do a walk at the local park every Tuesday, and then another one every Friday at a play field. Be as flexible as you need.

Can I make bookings repeat on a monthly or weekly basis?

Certainly. You can create grooup bookings that recur monthly or weekly and set them so customers can drop in to wich suits them, or they have to attend them all as part of a series of appointments. Offer 1:1 walking sessions - then you can also set them to recur as well!

Is it possible for me to book whenever I want?

You are not limited to the working hours and days you set. If you have a request to book outside your working times you can manually add them in to the calendar and still take payment instantly.