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So Easy To Manage Bookings

“I can organise a shoot in one location with multiple pet parents, the reminders are automated and I can upsell print packages in one click! It’s genius!”

Feel Organised

Color-Coded Calendar

Choose from dozens of colors to assign to your shoots and consultations so you can color-code your calendar. This makes it easier to see at a glance what you’ve coming up today, this week, and this month.


Online Consultations with Zoom

Whether it’s a pre-sitting consultation or an image reveal, with our built-in zoom integration you’ll be able to create a beautiful experience from booking all the way through… Allowing you to stop worrying about the emails and focus on the meeting, greeting and sales.

Earn More

Upsells Built In

Create upsells that your client will your client will see as an optional ‘add-on’ when completing a booking. Use it for extra pets, travel fees or even final products. Increase both your average sale and the lifetime value of each customer.


Easy Promotions & Packages

Want to put a more comprehensive package together? Do a mini-session promotion, or reward clients for multiple shoots? No problem! The promotions feature will make it easy to create whatever you like, with or without a clever discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments can I have?

How many do you want? With Book Your Pet you can book as many appointments as you have the time for.

I shoot at various locations, will Book Your Pet work for me?

Yes. You can offer in studio appointments and appointments at a location to suit your pet parent. Set the service to be at a location to suit them, and they can then enter the location address when booking. Want to offer a special park photo shoot? Set the location within the service and parents can book all your availabe slots up.

What if I’m part time and only want customers to book evenings and weekends?

That is no problem at all! You set your working days and hours on the software, so customers can only book when you are working. Want to offer an out of hours appointment? Then you can also do that from within the admin dashboard.

Can I sell Print Packages with my bookings?

Definitely. You can create additional add ons including multiple print packages your customers can select as part of the booking process.