The World's Most Delightful Pet Booking Software

The promise that Book Your Pet is the most delightful pet booking software you’ll find, requires a few commitments from us.

Not only do we help pet business like yours become easier to run and easier to grow, we also walk our talk. We are all in on being easy to do business with, and providing exceptional customer service you can count on.

Here’s a little deeper look into the very specific promises we make to our customers. This is what we offer, it’s how we train our team, it’s what we eat, sleep and breathe.

Customer Service Manifesto

  1. We are committed to continually improving
  2. We listen
  3. We are available
  4. We are fair
  5. We own our mistakes
  6. We will not pass you off
  7. We will not trap you
  8. We will clearly communicate changes
  9. We won’t spam you 
  10. We will prioritize your happiness


  1. We are committed to continually improving

While we can’t control everything all the time, we set a high standard for our product and our team and are committed to doing our best to consistently achieve the high standards we set, and then improving upon them.

  1. We listen

We don’t just operate off a script. We are committed to understanding your needs and solving your problems. We will make it easy for you to give feedback at any stage of your relationship with us.

  1. We are available

We will ensure our contact information is displayed clearly on our website. We will provide multiple ways for you to get in touch, and ensure that during regular operating hours you have access to real, actual humans. 

  1. We are fair

Our aim is to resolve any issues that might come up in the fairest way possible, in a reasonable time frame. 

  1. We own our mistakes

Transparency is the one of our core values. We are committed to honesty and integrity.

  1. We will respect your time & urgency

No one wants to be wait on hold or be passed around a call center. We empower our team members to solve your issue and will not refer you to anyone else unless it is absolutely necessary.

  1. We will not trap you

If you want to end our business relationship, we’ll make it easy for you. We will endeavour to understand why you are leaving and ask if you want us to stay in touch or not.

  1. We will communicate changes

When we decide to change something we will tell you clearly and in advance whenever possible.

  1. We won’t spam you 

We will not fill your inbox with crap you don’t want to see and we will make it easy for you to opt in or out of information that we send. (It’s the law)

  1. We prioritize your happiness

In every situation, our goal is to exceed your expectations. If for some reason this isn’t possible, we will always communicate in a kind, empathetic and respectful manner