Dogs in Yellow Day: A Chihuahua wearing a yellow bib and a PitPat activity monitor.

Dogs in Yellow Day aims to raise awareness about reactive dogs.

Dogs wearing a yellow ribbon, lead, harness or bandana signal to others that they need space and understanding. It's a visual cue for fellow pet parents and passersby to approach with caution and respect the dog's boundaries.

How You Can Respect Dogs That Need Space

1. Give Space and Time

If you encounter a dog wearing yellow or a reactive dog in general, give them ample space.

Avoid approaching too closely or allowing your furpanion to do so. Respect their need for distance and time to feel safe.

NEVER allow your dog to approach another dog - even if yours is ‘friendly’. If you see another dog on lead, see that as a signal to leash yours. 

2. Ask Before Approaching

Always ask the pet parent for permission before approaching or attempting to interact with their furpanion. This simple gesture shows respect for the dog's boundaries and the pet parent's efforts to manage their pet's reactivity.

3. Avoid Sudden Movements

Sudden movements or loud noises can startle reactive dogs.

When in their vicinity, move calmly and quietly. This helps create a more relaxed environment for the dog.

4. Be Patient and Understanding

Understand that reactive dogs are not being aggressive on purpose. They may be anxious or fearful in certain situations.

Patience, empathy, and a non-judgmental attitude go a long way in creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

5. Educate Others

Spread awareness about reactive dogs and the Dogs in Yellow Campaign. Share information with fellow pet parents, friends, and family members. The more people understand and respect reactive dogs, the safer our communities become for all pups.

6. Creating a Safe and Inclusive Community

By respecting reactive dogs and their needs, we create a more inclusive and understanding community for all furry friends. Whether they wear yellow or not, all dogs deserve to feel safe and respected during their walks and outings.

7. Have Your Dog Wear a PitPat Activity Tracker

PitPat are huge supporters of raising awareness and protecting dogs that need space. Dogs wearing a PitPat tracker are far more protected and supported as there is always an increase in flight risks with reactive pets.

PitPats also indicate if the dog is active or sedentary, which can give warning of fright. 

Helen-Marie Pipe, Veterinary & Companion Animal Business Development Manager at PitPat, says: “Reactive dogs have a fight or flight response to external situations or environments, an individual (human or canine) requires relaxation, physical activity, undisturbed sleep and enrichment in play or distraction to overcome this and PitPat ticks those boxes.” 

Dogs in Yellow Day Pledge

On Dogs in Yellow Day, let's pledge to be advocates for our reactive canine friends. Let's educate ourselves and others about their needs, respect their boundaries, and create a supportive environment where all dogs can thrive.

Together, we can make every adventure a positive experience and ensure that every pup feels safe, understood, and loved. 

You can also check out Dogs in Yellow for resources and equipment for your dog.

Are you a dog behaviorist? Help pet parents to understand their furpanions better with Book Your Pet.