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Take the next steps on your path to becoming a trailblazing pet business owner.

Do you prefer pets over people?

Learn how to build a career in the pet industry with in-depth, step-by-step guides on how to turn your pet business dreams into reality.

Are you seeking simple business solutions?

Our suite of tech-based solutions gives you everything you need to run and grow a pet business with ease.

Suffering from information overwhelm?

 We're going back to basics with clear, expertly delivered and easy-to-digest subjects covering all areas of how to establish your business in the pet industry.

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The Ultimate Pet Business Membership

Unleash your potential as a petpreneur and accelerate the growth of your pet business.

Gain access to our collection of how-to guides, step-by-step instructions and insider tips, created and curated by pet industry experts, just for you!

Did you know...
The pet industry is a $320 BILLION market?!

Are you just starting out and looking for support to get your pet business off the ground?

Are you a passionate petpreneur looking to take your pet business to the next level?

How would you like to become part of a new community for pet business owners?

Sound like you? Read on!

It's time to make a change

Everything you need to build your pet business in one easy-to-access space

Whether you’re a solopreneur setting up for the first time, a medium enterprise who’s ready to expand, or an already established powerhouse of the pet industry, our membership, training and content bank will guide you through the next steps of your petpreneurial adventures.

In our membership you'll find...

Expert guidance

Tap into our network of pet industry professionals. Get insight, advice and training from leading industry experts who are ready to share the secrets to their success through Q&As, free content and paid for courses and masterclasses.

Templates for every eventuality

Our template library gives you $100s worth of ready-to-use documents including financial spreadsheets, social media templates, letters, social media guidance AND MUCH MORE...

Save Time (And Effort)

We've done the hard work and research for you and put everything in one easy-to-access space. Our effective, done-for-you marketing is ready to implement into your business today!

Get Involved

Become an early adopter of the Book Your Pet Membership at our Founders’ pricing and help us shape the future of this exciting business development platform. Your feedback will help us to create the ultimate pet business membership.

Elevate Your Skills

Access a variety of content designed for all experience levels. Our training content includes how-tos and step-by-steps to help you expand your knowledge and skills to become the best in the business.

Join a Thriving Community

Connect, collaborate, and learn from a vibrant community of like-minded petpreneurs. We’re welcoming business owners from all backgrounds and experience levels providing a safe and inclusive environment to inspire each other on the path to success.

Ready for a change?

Unlock your full potential as a petpreneur

  • Do you prefer working with pets over people?
  • Have you spent years trudging back and forth to an office job you detest?
  • Are you ready to unlock financial freedom and experience complete work satisfaction?
  • Do you want to learn the tricks of the trade to grow your business without added workload?
  • Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work involved in running your own business?
  • Do you wish you had more time for YOU and a better work/life balance?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it's time to make a change with the Book Your Pet Membership.

The Ultimate Membership

for Petpreneurs

Are you ready to make your mark on the pet industry?

Access the resources you need to build and grow your pet business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

From foundational knowledge to advance strategies, get empowered, overcome obstacles and achieve long-term success.

Discover, learn and grow around your busy schedule and at a pace that suits you.

Gain invaluable insights from the minds of industry experts with proven strategies that will get you significant returns.

Access a comprehensive suite of tech solutions to navigate every stage of your petpreneur journey.

With a user-friendly interface, finding the information you need is a breeze.

Welcome! the Book Your Pet community

Book Your Pet is here to fundamentally change what it’s like to own a pet business. Built by petprenuers for petpreneurs, we’re sweeping away the complexity and stress of running a pet business.

Our product suite has been designed to help you manage and grow your business and free up hours every day to get back to doing the things you love most.

With the Book Your Pet Membership get support to build your dream business, connect with new customers, and fulfil your dream of working with pets, day in day out.

Join the Book Your pet membership today and get exclusive discount on Book your Pet products and discounts from our partners.

Let me guess, you're here because

You want to save HUNDREDS of hours running your pet business by levelling up your knowledge with help from experts in all areas of busines?

You want to meet and network with like-minded passionate pet people and become part of a community that truly cares about uplifting and supporting one another?

You're READY to take the leap and start that pet business that you've always dreamt of, with full guidance and support from the best in the industry!

Let's Dive In...

Heres What's Included

How To Do Business

Get to grips with the fundamentals of doing business in the pet industry. As a first time petpreneur, our courses will guide you through the steps you need to take to get your pet business set up. From setting out your services and picking your prices, to registering your business and making your dreams become a reality, we'll guide you through every step of the process.

Figuring Our Finance

Understanding finance can be difficult no matter how long you've been a petpreneur. In this module we unpack everything you need to establish and grow a pet business. From where and when to register your business to how to secure investment, balancing your books, managing profit and loss, and filing those dreaded taxes. This module is packed full of financial templates to help you get ahead of the money.

It's Time To Talk Tech

Tech is our speciality - in this module learn how to implement tech solutions to streamline and automate your operations across all areas of your business. Our guides will help you save hours each week on sales, marketing, social media, communications, finance and more, helping you to establish your online presence the RIGHT way. PLUS download essential digital terms & conditions and policy documents.

Wait! There's More

We’ll be releasing modules to cover all areas of business including admin, HR & Recruitment, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Customer Experience & Service as well as bespoke tips for sitters, groomers, walkers, trainers, photographers, boarders and daycare providers PLUS new content added monthly!

Are you ready to transform your pet business?

It's time to get started with our Founders' price!

Save money by becoming part of our beta testing cohort and help us build the ultimate pet business membership with our founders' pricing plans.

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Sign up to the Book Your Pet Membership for 12 months and pay the equivalent of $31 per month*



Sign up to the Book Your Pet Membership for 6 months and pay the equivalent of $42 per month*

*Billed as one annual/6 monthly payment (dependent on plan). Non refundable.

Have Questions? We've Got Answers


Absolutely! The Book Your Pet Membership is a space for everyone. Whether your pet business is just a seed of an idea that you're looking to nurture and grow, or you're ready to grow your business to it's next stage of life, our content, training and resource library cater to petpreneurs of all levels.

Will the Book Your Pet membership be right for me?

If you're serious about providing positive pet care that people can trust, then we're absolutely the right place for you. We're building a community of passionate pet people who are dedicated to uplifting one another and sharing the value of their experiences and we're welcoming YOU with open arms.


It sure will! We're not just here to help new business get off the ground. We're ready to help you take your established pet business to the next level too. Our tiered content offers training, advice, and invaluable resources for small, medium, and large pet business.

Can I access content released during my membership if i cancel?

You'll always have access to the resources you've downloaded from our membership content library, but once you cancel your membership you'll no longer have access to our courses, training modules or any new resources that are added to the library.

Can I get 1-1 help?

The Book Your Pet Membership has been designed for you to work through and study at your own pace. If you do have any questions, or need assistance you can contact the Book Your Pet team at any time or reach out to the Membership community through our built in networking platforms.

What does the founders’ pricing mean?

The Book Your Pet Membership is a new platform and our current version is our beta model. We know there are still enhancements to be made, but we need your help to improve. As a Founder you’ll receive a significant discount on your membership, plus you’ll have the opportunity to feedback to us and help us shape the ultimate pet business membership.

Don't miss out opportunity

Take the next steps on your path to becoming a successful petpreneur

The Book Your Pet Membership is the ultimate membership platform designed by petprenuers for petpreneurs. Unleash your full potential as a petpreneur and accelerate the growth of your pet business with a complete suite of resources and support.

We're ready... are you?