We take the stress out
of growing a pet business

So you can get back to the fun stuff heading

Simple Tech Solutions for Busy Pet People™

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Beyond Booking

The most innovative platform ever built for petpreneurs with new cutting-edge tech added every week.

Get Consistent

Set it and forget it: email and text reminders, post-service follow-ups, feedback requests & more.

Calm the Chaos

House all the small, annoying, repeating tasks in your service business all in one place.

Let's Go

You can finally stop trying to keep everything in your head & on scraps of paper

Maximum Control

Want to keep full approval over every booking? No problem.

Stand Out

Get ahead of your competitors by becoming truly easy (and delightful) to do business with.

Full Visibility

Stop operating blind: Track and view your bookings, sales, deposits, client info & more with one-click reports.

More Money In

Make it so much easier for people to give you money! Payment reminders, bundles – Stripe + Quickbooks integrations built-in.

Automating the annoying stuff

has never been this easy

and believe it or not – totally free

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No more panic & procrastination

Get out of Survival Mode

Let the software handle the URGENT BUT UNIMPORTANT tasks that are eating into your day, week and life-stealing your ability to grow the business, get spaciousness and enjoy the freedom and fulfillment you started this business to achieve.

No more ghosting guilt

Automate the Communication

No more feeling guilty about the reminders and follow-ups you’re not sending: write it once and the app will send it for you at the pre and post-service intervals you choose.

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No more writers block

Brilliant Marketing Built-in

Stuck writing copy and setting pricing for your services? Let the app guide you! You’ll get access to expert pet industry marketing advice built right in. You don’t even need a website – just use your BYP profile!

Got Questions?

We’ve got Answers

What is Book Your Pet?
We are a pet tech company that is all-in on Simple Tech Solutions for Busy Pet People™ – Why? Well because we’re pet people too. We discovered that the best way for us to put our skills to use helping animals, was to make life easier for the humans who care for them. So we’re busy round the clock building ways to make your business easier to run and grow, so you can keep making the world better for more and more pets and their people. The first BYP product is a booking app – but that’s just the beginning 🙂 
Who is Book Your Pet for?

Book Your Pet is for all petpreneurs – but our first product, the booking app is built to help simplify life for pet service businesses. Any pet business who might want a ‘book now’ button on their website. 

What do I need to use Book Your pet?

All you need is a device that can connect to the internet, and your business is ready to go!

Do I need to be technical to use Book Your Pet?

Nope, our platform is easy to use. We also offer white glove service where we take care of you from A-Z. So, you can manage your business, while we set your services up.

Are there any setup fees?

We do not have any set-up fees and you do not have to worry about long-term contracts. We work really hard to earn your trust, to build a partnership.

I already have a website; can I integrate Book Your Pet?

Great! Book Your Pet can easily integrate our booking platform to your existing website or landing page.

Is my data safe?

Security is our number 1 priority. We use enterprise-level security solutions to ensure you are fully protected.

I would like more info; how do I contact Book Your pet?

Our team is always happy to chat with you. Just click here and team member will reach out! You can also call us

Our Mission is simple

Helping you make more money in less time

so you can get back to doing what you do best

If You are a Petpreneur: We Are For You

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We believe that to truly help animals, we must begin by making life easier for the humans who care for them. That’s why we create remarkably easy-to-use tech solutions for Petpreneurs: we’re working tirelessly to find ways to make your business easier so you can keep making the world better for more and more pets and their people.

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Simple Tech Solutions for Busy Pet People™

Automating the annoying stuff