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Who is Book Your Pet For?

If you own (or are starting) one of the following pet care services, find out how Book Your Pet can help…

Dog Training Business

Make operating your dog training business as simple as ‘sit’. With Book Your Pet you can sell group or 1:1 training packages.

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Dog Grooming Business

Offer more personalized flexible services at your dog grooming salon based on dog size, coat length, and coat type.

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Pet Photography Business

Automatically upsell add-ons to your pet photography packages at checkout and boost your revenue.

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Dog Walking Business

Create a customized experience for every furry client without any added fuss with our dog walking business tools.

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Pet Boarding & Sitting Business

Marketing flexible home-based or facility-based overnight pet care services as a pet boarding or sitting business.

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Doggy Daycare Business

Customizable checkouts and global capacity features make sure your dog daycare center is always fully booked.

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What Makes Book Your Pet Special?

Find out from the petpreneurs who are using our pet business software on a daily basis...

We have a training center and we run group classes and we do some individual sessions with clients, but we use the book your pet platform every day.

It allows our clients to register on our website seamlessly and keep track through an app.

Most of our clients use the system's functionality to be able to create reservations for classes and be able to pay for those registrations.

I use the scheduling platform on a daily basis and am able to look at my check in screen, from the app on my phone or from the computer and see who's coming in - pet owner, name, dog name, dog breed - That kind of stuff is really helpful, so that when Fluffy the Aussie walks in the door, I know exactly who they are when they arrive for their first class.

Alyssa Vincent - Napa Humane


Multiple Service Categories

Pet parents prefer to get more services (like training, walking, sitting) all in one place. Even if you don’t have multiple services now - you probably will some day!

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Powerful At-A-Glance Reporting

At-a-glance dashboard and one-click reporting make it easy for you to always know where you stand with all the numbers that matter.


Upsells Boost Your Bottom line

There is all kinds of clever strategy baked in to the software to help you boost your sales, including lovely little up-sell options during booking


Instant Booking Built-In

Don’t have a website? Use your BYP profile page instead! Have a website but want to use our instant booking power? Pop our easy peasy button into your existing site.

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We are animal-loving, design-obsessed tech geeks and pet business aficionados

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Book Your Pet?

Currently Book Your Pet is free, however we do plan to introduce a pricing structure shortly. Have no fear though, the pricing structure will be affordable whether you are a solo business owner, or a thriving team offering multiple services.

Do you take a % from my booking?

No. Book Your Pet does not take a percentage of any bookings made, we only take your monthly fee for the use of the software. We believe in transparency though, so if you choose to connect your banking system, or Stripe, you will pay their charges per transaction. You will need to speak to Stripe or your banking system to check their pricing.

What if I’m part time and only want customers to book evenings and weekends?

That is no problem at all! You set your working days and hours on the software, so customers can only book when you are working. Want to offer an out of hours appointment? Then you can also do that from within the admin dashboard.

Do you have to use the app?

Not at all. We offer both a web based dashboard and a mobile app for both you and your customers. We do highly recommend the app for when on the go to make things far easier on yourself though!