Productivity Planner
for Petpreneurs

Grab this simple procrastination-zapping formula that will instantly give you back more time for the stuff you love: making dogs wag, making people smile, and making a real difference.

Instant Access: Daily Planner & Time Tracker

Calling all freedom seeking petprenuers

Are you looking to create space in your schedule for more of what truly matters? Let’s make it easier to prioritize not just a bit more work-life balance, but also those big dreams and causes you care about...

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This is for Busy Petpreneurs who are...

  • Tired of getting sucked down rabbit holes of urgent yet unimportant tasks that eat into your day stealing your ability to achieve the impact your desire.
  • Lacking consistency with your communications, and who don’t have time to follow up with clients, return calls and make future bookings
  • Ready to let go of trying to accomplish everything by yourself (and keeping it all in your  head!)
  • Looking to feel more confident in your ability to grow your business while still showing up fully in the rest of your life
Dog wearing pineapple sun glasses

And Are Ready To:


  • Feel more calm and in control of your cause-driven pet business.
  • Set it and forget it: Create more freedom and fulfilment in your business and personal life.
  • Have the confidence to consistently reach the right people so that you can operate at capacity with ease.
  • Delight pets and their people in ways you never dreamed possible.

What is it?

This simple planning formula will help you discover what is eating up the largest chunks of your time. It’s the perfect tool to transform your time from messy stress-filled leaps from task to task, to calm, purposeful, and planned-out days.

Get truly present, and take care of not just your business, but also your business’ most important... asset (you !!)

How Does it Work?

1. Track: You’ll get clear on what’s really happening to your time, and track three work days from start to finish to see what ‘normal’ is REALLY like for you.

2. Choose: You’ll analyze your time tracking and take a loving but critical look at what is really happening in your business and what isn’t (that should be). Then you’ll choose how you would actually like your days to be. Essential tools and resources to delete, delegate and automate once and for all you should not be doing.

3. Restart: Use our fabulous one-page ‘Happy & Productive Daily Planner’ to help you develop one simple new habit, and be purposeful about each day and how you spend it.

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Get ready for a Life-Changing pivot.

Your life is about to become totally unrecognizable as you start each day with the calm of knowing you’re in control and spending your time in ways that lead you towards a healthier, happier mind, body and life AS WELL AS a stronger, more profitable, productive business.



Hi, I'm Nic

I’m so excited that you are here! In 20 years as an author, speaker and consultant and one of the most trusted marketing experts in the pet industry, I’ve met TONS of big hearted Petpreneurs who are struggling with time management, procrastination, and task overwhelm… who feel a crisis of confidence when it comes to talking about and growing their brand and who are needlessly suffering from a complete lack of boundaries between life and business – leading to problems everywhere from money, relationships, physical stress and sickness to of course, total burnout.

This problem is so massive I spent years wishing there were more practical ways I could help petpreneurs rise above these oh-so-common but debilitating issues. Then, a few years ago I met Ralph and Anita, the brilliant humans behind Book Your Pet.

Book Your Pet is an incredible new platform that I’ve helped build from the ground-up, alongside an amazing team of experts who are on the cutting edge of how to use technology to make our lives and businesses easier. These folks are geeky in all the right ways – and with their mastery of tech, combined with my intimate knowledge of businesses like yours – we’ve created a truly rare, remarkable tool.

This Productivity Planner is just a tiny, analog taste of what awaits you inside the glorious, magic that is the Book Your Pet app. Should you decide you’d like to get even more serious about decluttering your time, and improving your freedom, you’re definitely going to want to know more.

Can’t wait to see you there!


xx -Nic



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