Pet photography

Pet photography is an enjoyable passion many consider turning into a career. Before you set up your own business, getting familiar with pet photography pricing and how you should set your rates is essential. 

As you review other pet photography businesses online, you may notice a wide range of pricing, which depends on various factors. Whether you plan on establishing your photography career for animals as a full-time business or as a way to make extra income, you’ll want to know how to set pet photography prices for portraits, action shots, and other settings.

How To Price Your Pet Portraits

Do you know how much to charge for each photo shoot? Are you one of many pet photographers in your area, or is there a high demand for your service? It’s essential to consider these factors when setting rates for your pet photography business, including the type of studio you use, whether it’s in your home, a separate venue that you rent or share, or if it’s at your client’s site.

The type of photography services you provide, the level of demand in your region, and the style of photos, including the format you offer, determine the pricing structure for your customers and their pets. 

Photo Format Offerings: Digital, Prints, or Both?

The type of photo formats you offer to your clients will determine the price range you can set. Are you looking to offer photos as framed prints only, with the option of digital files, enhanced features, and multiple photographs? 

Suppose you’re offering digital galleries as the main feature of your pet photography business. In that case, the pricing will likely be straightforward unless you use high-tech equipment and software to digitally enhance or alter the portraits at your customer’s request. 

When you feature unique items such as a personalized mini session with numerous photo options or focus on offering full albums, unique backgrounds, and wall art, you can increase the fee according to the type of service or add-on you want to provide. 

In most cases, clients prefer a hybrid of print and digital copies, allowing them to display their pets in print while sharing digital copies of their furry companions online.

When you establish the types of photography services you’re willing to offer, you can determine whether to start with a flat rate fee, with additional features, or charge by the hour. You can offer a limited number of portraits, and styles, which can be decided in advance, or during the photo shoot. 

You can also offer a variety of packages, where there is a combination of high-resolution digital files, prints, and extraordinary formats, such as a customized calendar, artwork, keychains, or other memorable items featuring your pet’s image.

Dog Jumping over Tree Trunk - Pet Photography

The Costs of Operating Your Pet Photography Business

Establishing your business plan will give you an idea of how much funding you’ll need to set up your services and cover ongoing costs, such as photography equipment, studio rentals, travel expenses, your website, insurance, and other items. You’ll also need to consider the unexpected costs of replacement equipment, gallery hosting, courses, and professional fees for joining a membership group. 

Suppose you find that the cost of running your business exceeds the fees you charge, based on the expenses per pet photography session. In that case, you’ll need to reassess your fee structure and determine if you’re paying too much in startup or operating costs or not charging enough for your photography services. 

For example, suppose you’re paying too much for marketing or advertising. In that case, you might consider promoting your animal photography services on social media to pet owners in your area or a specific location. 

It’s also helpful to review the cost of renting facilities for portrait sessions, such as local studios, galleries, or smaller venues, and compare the pricing, as this can vary considerably. If most of your photo sessions are outside or at a customer’s residence, you’ll save on the cost of renting space.

Props, Treats, and Special Themes

Do you feature themes for your pet portraits or offer clients the opportunity to customize them? 

When you travel to a specific location, add specific props, a leash, treats, or other items as part of a pet photography package, this should automatically increase the cost that not only covers the expense of purchasing these items but the effort in which they will be integrated into a photo session. 

Suppose an elaborate photo shoot set is required. In that case, this will often include additional preparation, labor, and decorations, which should also be added as an extra fee or as part of a special package for pet owners.

Style, Popularity, and Reputation

Once you’re established as a pet photographer in your location and begin to receive requests for photoshoots, the quality of your service, customer satisfaction, and expertise all play a role in how you can price your pet portraits in the future. 

Some photographers become well-known in their city or neighborhood for producing high-quality prints, exceptional talent, and specialized themes. Thanks to positive reviews and ratings, you can earn an excellent reputation. 

A professional studio, reasonably priced services, and flexible options all support a reputable photographer, and most often, popular pet photo businesses can charge more over time when there is a high demand for their services. 

Furthermore, suppose you’re professionally certified to train animals or have experience working with show dogs and cats. In that case, you may also charge an additional cost due to your extensive knowledge and experience in working with animals. 

Other Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Pet Photography Services

Do you focus on mainly providing posed shots in a studio or fixed location? Does your photography business offer flexible options such as action or natural shots of your customers’ furry friends outdoors? 

The effort and preparation required to set up a photo shoot must be considered when pricing your pet photography package. Sometimes, pet owners may request to pose with their furry companion or have an additional pet in the photo. 

When developing a pricing list, it’s crucial to consider all the possibilities and options clients may request, especially as they involve increased costs, effort, and time.


As a professional pet photographer, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of producing high-quality prints and digital images of beautiful portraits. as lasting memories for pet owners

Whether you specialize in other types of photography, such as nature, personal portraits, or wedding photography, you’ll find that creating memorable photos of pets is a fantastic career. 

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